Welcome to the homepage of Attica, a hardcore raiding guild on the Garrosh server. 

We raid 25 man instances 8-12 Monday through Thursday.  Optional 10 mans take place 12-2 most weeknights and Sunday evenings, and we have many other active players constantly setting up groups for other various activities.

If you thoroughly understand your class, can make the raid schedule, and enjoy testing your skills against the toughest encounters Blizzard can throw your way, Attica may be for you. 

Our policies on trial periods, loot distribution, and general raiding rules can be found in the "About Attica" section of our forums.  Use the "Apply to Guild" link at the top left of this page to apply.

Any other questions can be answered by one of Attica's officers in-game: Litha (GM), Drury, Zoidbrg.


LK kill